KELTEC Technolab manufactures a wide range of air-oil separators for air compressors and vacuum packages, as well as air inlet, oil and coalescing type filter, that when used together, provide the ultimate in system operation and protection.

Pleated/Chicopee Air-Oil Separators

One common method of increasing the capacity of a given sized air-oil separator is through the use of pleated filter media. A Pleated Air-Oil Separator can be suited for approximately 2x the air flow capacity as that of a standard ail-oil separator.

The Chicopee separator design utilizes a unique media configuration and innovative structural integrity components to achieve exceptionally efficient oil removal.

Conventional Wrap / Deep Filter Oil Separators

The standard conventional oil separator is the original design for the removal of oil aerosols from the compressed air stream. This element design consists of a specific amount of a uniform grade of borosilicate glass fibers, “wrapped” onto a support tube.

When properly sized to the cfm/m3/min flow rate and corresponding operating pressure of the machine, this element will provide consistent performance according to the following data:

  1. Pressure drop (initial) - 2-3 psi / .20 bar
  2. Pressure resistance - 70 psi / 5 bar
  3. Efficiency - 2-3 ppm / 2-3mg/m3 residual oil

Deep Filter Oil Separators

A Deep Filter separator uses as many as three different grades of borosilicate glass wrapped onto the support tube in larger than normal amounts. The finished product then achieves increased airflow capacity very similar to pleated air-oil separator, while maintaining low initial pressure drop and residual oil content.

Field testing of this element has demonstrated an improvement in oil separation, especially in high “challenge rate” applications, in which more oil aerosol is contained in the compressed air than is normal.

Spin-On Type Oil Separators

Spin-On Oil Separators consist of a deep bed type oil separator element, placed inside of a pressure resistant body, or “can” like that of traditional oil filters.

Extremely easy to replace in comparison to standard oil separators (which are enclosed in a pressurized tank), this elements design is somewhat limited in application due to restrictions of air flow capacity.

Regardless of style (conventional, pleated, deep, or spin-on), KELTEC Technolab oil separators will provide for performance as shown here:

Pressure Drop (at load): 2-3 psi / .20 bar

Pressure Resistance (against collapse): 70psi / 5.0 bar

Efficiency (remaining oil in gas stream): 2-3 ppm / 2-3 mg/m3

Operating Temperature: (standard) 180° F / 82° C to 230° F / 110° C

(Higher temperature models available)