KELTEC Digital Cycling Refrigerated Dryers actively remove condensate to achieve extremely dry compressed air.

KELTEC Dryers actively remove condensate to achieve extremely dry compressed air allowing for less system downtime, reduced cost on maintenance and filtering installation, and improved finished product.

Air entering the system contains condensate which, when cooled, will turn into liquid water, causing extensive damage, not only to the compressed air network, but also to the finished product.

KRAD Keltec Refrigerated Air Dryer
KRAD Keltec Refrigerated Air Dryer

Product Info

  • 38°F pressure dew point
  • Very low pressure drop
  • 6,000 hours filter changeout alarm

Dryer easily runs with rated flow at 140°F max. inlet temp. and 131°F ambient temp due to R134 refrigerant (all through the range) and oversized condenser.

Compact Design:

  • Every square inch inside the dryer is utilized.
  • Pre & After filters are included and

factory mounted (up to 1200 cfm).

The new digital controller design makes KELTEC Technolab dryers state-of-the-art and offers to users adjustments with easy accessibility. The multi-functional display provides an accurate digital dew point display, an energy-saving mode, periodic maintenance display, as well as coded alarm monitoring of the refrigerant dryer.

  • KELTEC dryers will reduce your energy consumption. Our digital controllers help technicians monitor many different parameters for easy troubleshooting.
KRAD digital controller
KRAD digital controller

KELTEC Refrigerated Dryer Technical Data