Water Separators (KWS)

KELTEC-Technolab water separators have been designed for the removal of bulk liquid water and a significant portion of particulate from compressed air and gases. Unique centrifugal action removed contaminants at low-pressure drop for maximum energy savings.

KELTEC-Technolab water separators are available from ¼” – 3” pipe sizes and for flows up to 1294 scfm. Solenoid operated electronic drain vales come complete with strainer and ball valve that can be easily attached to housings for safe condensate removal.

- Automatic drain valves are fitted as standard. All separator bodies are coated with electrostatic powder pain finish both inside and out.

KWS117-NTP Water Separator
KWS117-NTP Water Separator

Water Separator Bags (145)

KELTEC Technolab provides replacement elements of nearly all competitive oil/water separator models. Kits and replacement bags are easily changed out and installed.

Our wide range of service kits are produced with a combination of polypropylene, activated carbon & various filtration materials to ensure an efficient purification process in compliance with environmental regulations.

Separator Bags
Separator Bags

Drain Options

Solenoid Electronic Drain Valves (SDV)

​Various drain options are available, Automatic Drain Valves reliably discharge fluid from your compressed air system, available in 1/4” and 1/2” for 115V or 1/2” connection for 220V.

The control panel features LED lights that display the device’s operational status and alert users to maintenance requirements. Additionally, the test button enables users to manually drain the condensate, eliminating any blockages in the drain.

Auto / Manual Drain (CAH-ADMD)

KELTEC Auto/manual drains come standard with every housing.

External ‘Football’ Drain (CAH-ED-NPT-ASSY)

Designed to remove liquid condensation from collection points in a compressed air system, the heavy duty external drain can be easily attached to the CAH-BHF050F Bulkhead Fitting and housing.

SDV Electronic Drain
SDV Electronic Drain

Ball Valve and Valve Strainer

KELTEC provides high-quality brass Filter Ball Valves. Our Filter Ball Valves feature internal filter screens to catch contaminants that could potentially damage downstream equipment.

CAH-SV038MM (Strainer)

- Inlet: 1/2” NPT

- Outlet: 3/8” NPT

CAH-SV025MM (Strainer Valve)

- Inlet: 7/8” - 14UNF

- Outlet: 1/4” NPT