KELTEC coalescing filters are the simple way to avoid contamination in your expensive equipment

It is a common misconception that “oil-free” air compressors do not require this precaution. However, atmospheric air typically contains a significant amount of water, oil vapor and other contaminants, especially in industrial areas. Our filters provide the highest level of clean, compressed air with a minimum loss of energy (pressure drop). Through the selection of the appropriate grade of borosilicate microglass filtration media, and maintaining the quantity, diameter, and direction of individual fibers, KELTEC coalescing filters guarantee your air compressor system will operate correctly with minimum operational upkeep.

KELTEC offers thousands of coalescing elements, covering all major brands

KELTEC industrial air compressor service kits include a variety of miscellaneous items for a given compressor. These are including but not limited to: o-rings, gaskets, valves, bolts, screws, bearings, and springs. Our air compressor installation kits and compressor parts.


KELTEC service kits are high quality and when paired with our replacement filtration products, will continue to keep you air compressor system well suited for the job.

Drain Options

Zero-Loss Electronic Drains (SDV-ZERO)

KELTEC Zero-Loss Drains feature a level-sending drain switch that safely removes harmful condensate from receiver tanks, compressors, dryers and drip legs without the loss of any compressed air.

Available in (4) different models with flow rates from 175scfm to 1,750scfm.

Zero-Loss Drain
Zero-Loss Drain

Solenoid Electronic Drain Valves (SDV)

Automatic Drain Valves reliably discharge fluid from your compressed air system, available in 1/4” and 1/2” for 115V or 1/2” connection for 220V.

The control panel features LED lights that display the device’s operational status and alert users to maintenance requirements. Additionally, the test button enables users to manually drain the condensate, eliminating any blockages in the drain.

Auto / Manual Drain (CAH-ADMD)

KELTEC Auto/manual drains come standard with every CAH Filter Housing.

External ‘Football’ Drain (CAH-ED-NPT-ASSY)

Designed to remove liquid condensation from collection points in a compressed air system, the heavy-duty external drain can be easily attached to the CAH-BHF050F Bulkhead Fitting and Housing.

SDV Electronic Drain
SDV Electronic Drain

Ball Valve and Valve Strainer

KELTEC provides high-quality brass Filter Ball Valves. Our Filter Ball Valves feature internal filter screens to catch contaminants that could potentially damage downstream equipment.

CAH-SV038MM (Strainer)

- Inlet: 1/2” NPT

- Outlet: 3/8” NPT

CAH-SV025MM (Strainer Valve)

- Inlet: 7/8” - 14UNF

- Outlet: 1/4” NPT

Oil/Water Separator Replacement Service Kits (145)

KELTEC Technolab provides replacement elements of nearly all competitive oil/water separator models. Kits and replacement bags are easily changed out and installed.

Our wide range of service kits are produced with a combination of polypropylene, activated carbon & various filtration materials to ensure an efficient purification process in compliance with environmental regulations.

Separator Bags
Separator Bags

Zero-Loss Drain Tech Data

A filter pad or filter mat removes particles of rust, scale, dirt or other impurities from the compressed air. A filter pad is a type of filter mat that is made of two layers of fabric with an adhesive between them. The fabric is usually made of polyester or nylon and the adhesive is usually acrylic-based. The size and thickness of the filter pad will depend on the application and the amount of compressed air being used.

Filter Mats and Pads
Filter Mats and Pads

Feature Products

Product# Description
50-46-0020 FILTERMAT, PANEL Details
50-46-1329 FILTERMAT, PANEL Details
50-46-1579 FILTERMAT, PANEL Details
50-260510 CABINET FILTER Details

A Complete Range of Compressed Air solutions for Today’s industries

A Group of Keltec Products
A Group of Keltec Products

KELTEC Technolab is a leading manufacturer of compressed air and gas filtration solutions, providing a comprehensive range of high-quality products for industrial applications. With a focus on innovation and quality, KELTEC Technolab designs, develops, and manufactures a diverse range of products designed for compressed air, gas, vacuum filters, vacuum air/oil separators, compressor oil and desiccant, condensate management, and refrigeration dryers.

With over 40 years’ experience in the industry, KELTEC Technolab has established itself as a trusted name in the field of compressed air and gas filtration solutions, catering to the needs of a diverse range of industries. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and cutting-edge technology makes KELTEC Technolab the ideal partner for all industrial filtration needs.KELTEC Technolab guarantees that its filters will meet or exceed the specifications and performance of the OEM, and further, that customers replacing OEM filters with KELTEC Technolab filters will experience no filter-related difficulty.

Our online ordering system provides accurate ship-dates!

KELTEC Air/Oil separators are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM standards

KELTEC offers thousands of top-quality Air/Oil Separators for compressors, with the ability to engineer custom designs to suite any compressed air application. Regardless of style (pleated, conventional, deep, or spin-on), KELTEC Technolab Air/Oil Separators will provide for performance as shown below. (Higher temperature models available)

- Pressure Drop (at load): 2-3 psi / .20 bar

- Pressure Resistance (against collapse): 70psi / 5.0 bar

- Efficiency (remaining oil in gas stream): 2-3 ppm / 2-3 mg/m3

- Operating Temperature: (standard) 180° F / 82° C to 230° F / 110° C

Pleated/Chicopee Air-Oil Separators

One common method of increasing the capacity of a given sized air-oil separator is through the use of pleated filter media. A Pleated Air-Oil Separator can be suited for approximately 2x the air flow capacity as that of a standard ail-oil separator.

The Chicopee separator design utilizes a unique media configuration and innovative structural integrity components to achieve exceptionally efficient oil removal.

Conventional Wrap / Deep Filter Oil Separators

The standard conventional oil separator is the original design for the removal of oil aerosols from the compressed air stream. This element design consists of a specific amount of a uniform grade of borosilicate glass fibers, “wrapped” onto a support tube.

When properly sized to the cfm/m3/min flow rate and corresponding operating pressure of the machine, this element will provide consistent performance according to the following data:

  1. Pressure drop (initial) - 2-3 psi / .20 bar
  2. Pressure resistance - 70 psi / 5 bar
  3. Efficiency - 2-3 ppm / 2-3mg/m3 residual oil

Deep Filter Oil Separators

A Deep Filter separator uses as many as three different grades of borosilicate glass wrapped onto the support tube in larger than normal amounts. The finished product then achieves increased airflow capacity very similar to pleated air-oil separator, while maintaining low initial pressure drop and residual oil content.

Field testing of this element has demonstrated an improvement in oil separation, especially in high “challenge rate” applications, in which more oil aerosol is contained in the compressed air than is normal.

Spin-On Type Oil Separators

Spin-On Oil Separators consist of a deep bed type oil separator element, placed inside of a pressure resistant body, or “can” like that of traditional oil filters.


Extremely easy to replace in comparison to standard oil separators (which are enclosed in a pressurized tank), this elements design is somewhat limited in application due to restrictions of air flow capacity.

Refrigeration & Natural Gas Oil Separators

KELTEC Refrigeration Separators are specially engineered to remove natural gas, ommonia or freon from refrigeration and special gas applications.

These types of gases, along with ancillary materials often contained in natural gas, are not suitable for typical oil separator construction. KELTEC takes great care in the proper selection of all materials in order to ensure proper functioning of our separators.

KELTEC Technolab has the longest history of successful oil separation technology for this field. From the coalescing materials, to the sealing methods used, you can be confident in our refrigeration and natural gas oil separators. 

A Wide range of standard sizes are available, as well as a broad capability to produce elements custom-suited for your specific application. 

Large inventory of refrigeration separators
Large inventory of refrigeration separators
Specialized application refrigeration separators
Specialized application refrigeration separators

KELTEC Technolab has thousands of state-of-the-art refrigerated separators. Call or shop online to view our wide range of standard sizes, as well as a broad capability to produce elements custom-suited for your specific application.

Air Compressor Filters

Atmospheric air entering the air compressor is the single biggest contributor of contaminants into a compressed air system, that over time, reduce the efficiency and life span of oil filters and air-oil separators. Keltec-Technolab has a wide range of air intake filters, utilizing cellulose, synthetic and fiberglass medias, of varying efficiencies, that will greatly reduce this contaminant and provide for longer system life.

KELTEC replacement air filters for compressors are proudly made in the United States of America and are guaranteed to meet the specifications of the original equipment manufacturers. 

Air filters: Ks240-008 | Ks45-005 | Ka250-022
Air filters: Ks240-008 | Ks45-005 | Ka250-022

KELTEC air filters cover an array of sizes, and utilize end cap style and material, including rubber, metal and plastic. KELTEC air filters cover all compressor brands, and our engineering capabilities include custom designed elements to suite your specific needs.

KA: Air filter with paper media and molded ends

KC: Air filter with paper media and metal end caps

KS: Air filter with polyester media and either molded or metal end caps

KCH: Special hepa air filters with molded or metal end caps


KELTEC Oil Filter cross references cover & replace all major brands

KELTEC technolab oil filters are built of the highest quality materials and workmanship. Specific filtration levels are obtained through the exclusive use of high grade filter media and consistent surface area control, obtained by a strict maintenance of pleat quantity and depth. Leakages are prevented by the positive seals obtained with both plastisol and epoxy encapsulation. Viton seals are used where applications of synthetic oil are typical.

Filtering in 5–25 micron range (depending upon application), it is again, the depositing of oil-borne contaminants over time, that causes the oil filter to continually increase in differential pressure to a point at which it must be replaced in order to continue proper filtration of the compressor oil.

KL450-014, KL320-019, KL1000-018 and KL200-029 Oil Filters
KL450-014, KL320-019, KL1000-018 and KL200-029 Oil Filters
KL445-024 Oil Filters
KL445-024 Oil Filters

KELTEC Technolab offers thousands of different oil filters for your air compressor.

The Correct Compressor Lubricant is Crucial for Operational Success

KELTEC Technolab offers a full range of PAO, diester and polyglycol based compressor lubricant, designed to match the most difficult compressor application. Continual testing and research combines to ensure that the most effective oil additives are used in order to virtually eliminate such common problems such as foaming, oxidation, and deposit formation.

We carry lube oil in volumes to meet any need
We carry lube oil in volumes to meet any need
180-190°F4,000 hrs8,000 hrs8000 hrs8000 hrs
190-200°F3000 hrs8000 hrs6000 hrs6000 hrs
200-210°F2000 hrs5000 hrs4000 hrs4000 hrs
210-220°F1000 hrs3000 hrs2000 hrs2000 hrs

These figures are non-specific and “Rule of Thumb”. Actual site conditions may affect service life.



  • Compatible with all OEM polyglycol- based rotary screw compressor oils
  • Compatible with PAO, diester, polyolester, and partial synthetic rotary screw oils
  • Does not emulsify in the presence of water compared to polyglycol based oils
  • Does not thicken when mixed with PAO & petroleum-based lubricants
  • Can be used with normal gravity oil water separators



  • Compatible with PAO & most synthetic blend oils
  • High ester content helps resists harmful oxidation
  • Provides longer service life than many popular PAO based OEM oils
  • Provides exceptional cost-performance



  • Provides excellent value and consistent service life of up to 4,000 hours
  • Compatible with most PAO based rotary screw compressor oils
  • The additive package is top-tier and offers:
  • very high oxidation stability (extended service life)
  • Good corrosion protection against steel and non-ferrous metals
  • Excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability

Food Grade Lubricants 

KELTEC offers Food Grade lubricants that meets all USDA and FDA regulations.

  • KOSFG200-05
  • KOSFG300-05
  • KOSFG100-05

Compressor Cleaner & System Flush with KOCLEAN-05

KOCLEAN is a premium quality synthetic fluid designed to dissolve varnish and solubilize sludge from rotary-screw air compressors during operation. It can also be used as a system flush when changing-over from mineral to synthetic oils in order to reduce contamination due to oil carry-over. Regular use of KOCLEAN will help you get the most out of your synthetic oil and your compressor by removing varnish and reducing operating temperature.

Purchase any of our available lubricants by following the link below.

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Compressed Air Housings (CAH)

KELTEC Compressed Air Filters have been designed to remove air borne contamination in compressed air stream, delivering energy efficient operation and reliable performance. These air filters provide more comfortable usage for end users with an increased endurance, higher efficiency at lower pressure drop and more port size options.

Available in models with connection sizes ranging from ½” to 3” and covering flow rates of 58scfm up to 1380scfm, KELTEC filters provide the highest level of clean, compressed air with a minimum loss of energy (pressure drop) through the selection of the appropriate grade of borosilicate microglass filtration media.

Key Features

  • CAH-ADMD auto/manual float drain comes standard in each housing
  • Heavy Duty & electronic drain valves are available with bulkhead adapter
  • Head Clamping (CAH-CL) provides serial connection without any extra pipping.
CAH-0147-NPT and KP0147-X
CAH-0147-NPT and KP0147-X
Drain Options
Drain Options

Filter Elements (KP)

The air filters have four (4) ranges of efficiencies, removing contaminants as small as 0.01 micron at up to 290 psi – ¼” to 3” NPT/BSP pipe sizes. A protected auto float drain is standard for optimal and reliable removal of liquid contaminants. Please confirm with customer service which filter element is required for your site.

KELTEC Coalescer Tech Data Chart
KELTEC Coalescer Tech Data Chart

Water Separators (KWS)

If you do not see your needed application here, give us a call, odds are we have what you are looking for.

KELTEC Digital Cycling Refrigerated Dryers actively remove condensate to achieve extremely dry compressed air.

KELTEC Dryers actively remove condensate to achieve extremely dry compressed air allowing for less system downtime, reduced cost on maintenance and filtering installation, and improved finished product.

Air entering the system contains condensate which, when cooled, will turn into liquid water, causing extensive damage, not only to the compressed air network, but also to the finished product.

KRAD Keltec Refrigerated Air Dryer
KRAD Keltec Refrigerated Air Dryer

Product Info

  • 38°F pressure dew point
  • Very low pressure drop
  • 6,000 hours filter changeout alarm

Dryer easily runs with rated flow at 140°F max. inlet temp. and 131°F ambient temp due to R134 refrigerant (all through the range) and oversized condenser.

Compact Design:

  • Every square inch inside the dryer is utilized.
  • Pre & After filters are included and

factory mounted (up to 1200 cfm).

The new digital controller design makes KELTEC Technolab dryers state-of-the-art and offers to users adjustments with easy accessibility. The multi-functional display provides an accurate digital dew point display, an energy-saving mode, periodic maintenance display, as well as coded alarm monitoring of the refrigerant dryer.

  • KELTEC dryers will reduce your energy consumption. Our digital controllers help technicians monitor many different parameters for easy troubleshooting.
KRAD digital controller
KRAD digital controller

KELTEC Refrigerated Dryer Brochure

KELTEC Technolab offers high quality Activated Aluminum Desiccant for the absorption of water vapor and other gases from compressed air.

KELTEC Technolab Activated Alumina Desiccant is highly porous with a large surface area that will not weaken or break when subjected to high liquid concentrations. Our high crush strength and strong durable shipping bags allow for easy transport. KELTEC desiccant is kept in stock across the US, always ready for desiccant dryer change outs.

Product #`DescriptionSize
KAAD12-50Activated Alumina Desiccant1/8” size. 50 lb. Bag
KAAD25-50Activated Alumina Desiccant1/4” size. 50 lb. Bag
KAAD19-50Activated Alumina Desiccant3/16” size. 50 lb. Bag

​Download our Alumina Activated Desiccant Model Sheet Below.

High-efficiency ASHRAE filter for HVAC applications

KELTEC panel filters are a high-quality alternative to OEM replacements. They are built to fit original equipment manufacturer specifications and are designed to ensure structural integrity during handling, installation, and operation. Our panel filters are available in a wide range of sizes, with multiple options for media and face screens.

Industrial panel filters are box-shaped filters, designed to help regulate airflow and protect your industrial equipment from harmful particulate matter and corrosion. They effectively remove fine dust particles and various sizes guarantee various micron efficiencies.

  • Interchanges for all manufactures
  • Rugged industrial construction
  • Galvanized steel frames
  • Metal straps for ease of removal
  • Metal support screens-both sides
  • Huge inventory
  • Competitive pricing
KA 771
KA 771
KA 099
KA 099
KA 166
KA 166
KA 502
KA 502
KA 164
KA 164
KA 178
KA 178
KA 093/509
KA 093/509
KA 517/005
KA 517/005

Download our Panel Filters Sell Sheet.

Panel Filters

Product# Description
KA093/509 PANEL FILTER CASE 2 Details
KA517/005 PANEL FILTER CASE 2 Details

KELTEC Mufflers 

KELTEC offers a range of all-metal purge exhaust mufflers for both air compressors and desiccant air dryers stocked across the US. When old desiccant causes a muffler restriction or becomes contaminated with lubricant, we offer replacement desiccant, mufflers and lubricant. All our mufflers are in stock & competitively priced.

Standard Series (AEM)
Max Pressure 15 bar (217 psi)

Relief Valve Series (ADM)
Max Pressure 15 bar (217 psi)

Air Exhaust Mufflers

Conn SizeModel NumberKELTEC NumberDescriptionDiameterLength
3/8”M00 0111000AEM-38AIR EXHAUST MUFFLER NPT 3/8M2.56”5 1/2”
1/4”M02 0111002AEM-25AIR EXHAUST MUFFLER NPT 1/4M2.56”4 1/2”
1/2”M05 0111005AEM-50AIR EXAUST MUFFLER NPT 1/2M2.56”5 1/2”
3/4”M07 111007AEM-75AIR EXHAUST MUFFLER NPT 3/4NPT3.35”6.88”
1”M10 0111010AEM-1AIR EXHAUST MUFFLER NPT 1M3.35”9 1/4”
1 1/4”M12 0111012AEM-125AIR EXHUAST MUFFLER NPT 1.25M3.94”10 1/4”
1 1/2”M15 0111015AEM-150AIR EXHAUST MUFFLER NPT 1.5M5.12”4.19”
2”M20 0111020AEM-2AIR EXHAUST MUFFLER NPT 2M5.12”17.31”

Relief Valve Mufflers

Conn SizeModel NumberKELTEC NumberDescriptionDiameterLength
3/8”X00 0312000ADM-38RELIEF VALVE MUFFLER NPT 3/8M2.56”5 1/2”
1/2”X05 0312005ADM-50RELIEF VALVE MUFFLER NPT 1/2M2.56”5 1/2”
3/4”X07 0312007ADM-75RELIEF VALVE MUFFLER NPT 3/4M3.35”6.88”
1”X10 0312010ADM-1RELIEF VALVE MUFFLER NPT 1M3.35”9 1/4”
1 1/4”X12 0312012ADM-125RELIEF VALVE MUFFLER STD 1.25M3.94”10 1/4”
1 1/2”X15 0312015ADM-150RELIEF VALVE MUFFLER NPT 1.5M5.12”4.19”
2”X20 0312020ADM-2RELIEF VALVE MUFFLER NPT 2M5.12”17.31”

Air Exhaust Mufflers

Product# Description

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KELTEC Technolab is committed to the quality of both products and services to all customers.

Under our ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System, we are always striving to provide consistent, quality products as well as quality methods. Our commitment to quality guarantees that KELTEC filters will meet or exceed the specifications and performance of the OEM, and further, that customers replacing OEM filters with KELTEC Technolab filters will experience no filter-related difficulty.

KELTEC Technolab guarantees that the filters in which we produce are free of manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials. If the filters are used as intended by the equipment manufacturer and KELTEC Technolab, with proper service intervals, KELTEC Technolab will guarantee the performance of their filters. Should a product failure be the result of a manufacturing defect of KELTEC Technolab, it will be replaced and returned to the customer in the original condition that existed prior to the use of the subject filter. Such claims must be reported to KELTEC Technolab within 30 days of observation, and KELTEC Technolab reserves the right to inspect and test the filter in question.

Ed Kaiser,


KELTEC Technolab, INC

Testing oil filters under pressure
Testing oil filters under pressure
KELTEC Technolab is headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio
KELTEC Technolab is headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio

KELTEC Technolab was founded in 1982 by Ed Kaiser, Sr., formerly an engineer of the Air Maze Corporation for over 20 years. With initial production of air-oil separators, KELTEC Technolab eventually added air-intake filters, oil filters, coalescing filters and synthetic compressor lubricants. Through a series of mergers (Technolab in 2002, Chicopee Engineering in 2016 and Air Supply Company in 2019), Keltec has grown to become the largest manufacturer of air-oil separators in North America. In 2011, KELTEC-Technolab partnered with Sr.Luiz Ribeiro and his family, to establish a stocking warehouse of products in Indiatuba/Sao Paulo Brazil for South America customers. Today, KELTEC-Technolab Brazil, is one of the largest wholesalers of compressor filters in this market.

KELTEC Technolab is headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio
KELTEC Technolab is headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio

KELTEC's diverse range of products are stored and trusted all over the world.

Same day shipping is available on most orders.

We have warehouses in Ohio, Texas, North Carolina, and California
We have warehouses in Ohio, Texas, North Carolina, and California
We have warehouses in Ohio, Texas, North Carolina, and California
We have warehouses in Ohio, Texas, North Carolina, and California
We have warehouses in Ohio, Texas, North Carolina, and California
We have warehouses in Ohio, Texas, North Carolina, and California